When the lightning walks about…

Here at the lake, Labor Day has passed us by with gray days and dark nights punctuated by thunderstorms. Our Lab, with her acute hearing, hops off the bed and shelters in her crate “when the lightning walks about.”

Drug prices continue to get headlines from Consumer Reports to the Wall Street Journal. In fact, out of all the discussion, a consensus seems to be emerging in favor of legitimate price bargaining between insurance companies and the pharma companies. Will it happen? Who knows? It will depend on legislative, not executive, action.

Which leads to the current political situation. On March 5th of this year, I wrote a review of Jane Mayer’s Dark Money. To wrap up, I said, “What I find deeply disturbing about Dark Money is the weight of evidence Mayer has gathered to support the concept that a very limited group of very rich individuals has developed a strategy to indirectly exercise influence far out of proportion to its numbers.”

On the front page of the New York Times today , Ashley Parker and Maggie Haberman reported on The Grassroots Leadership Academy, a new Koch-funded organization that provides “a training program dreamed up by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, the political education arm of the Koch network, and intended to groom the next generation of conservative activists to shape the future of the Republican Party.”

How do we deal with all of this: the bizarre presidential campaign, the gerrymandered voting districts, the repeated attempts to disenfranchise segments of the population?

Here are two options. One, recognize that the lightning is walking about and hide in your crate. Posie will keep you company. Or, alternatively, watch an inspiring video trailer from a group of my Amherst classmates.  The words of Robert Frost and President Kennedy  will inspire you to take a deep breath and get back into the fray.