Support your local book (or fly) shop

I’m going to share a very modest moment of pride. Nesiritide. The Rise and Fall of Scios is now on the shelf in our local bookstore, Nicola’s Books, in Ann Arbor.

This is a modest moment because the manager only stocked one copy, on consignment, as a courtesy to a local author. But it’s so very exciting to look at the store and think that my baby is in there, on the shelf, for someone to discover.

I think there is something terrific about buying apples from the local orchard, The Frosty Apple, that is just a few minutes away from the house. I like to get my bike tuned up at the local bike shop in Dexter. And this weekend, the local fly shop is having a free teaching event; I’ll be there.

These interactions make the communities where we live special to us. Yes, Amazon has the book, and yes, you will save on gas by having Jeff Bezos bring it to your door. But whenever you can, build your community and buy local.

Now, with that off my chest, let me tell you about Craig, MT. Craig has three fly shops, one restaurant, and one bar. I made the photos below on a fall trout trip to Craig about 10 days ago. The drift boats almost floated in the mist when we started off in the morning. The other three shots document Craig’s three fly shops.

I think a local author is a lot like a local fly tier. It’s lonely work, by yourself at the desk, and the product always looks smaller or more rumpled than you hoped. But, the positive side is that the local tier knows the river and the fish.