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<a href=”” style=”float: left; padding-right: 20px”><img border=”0″ alt=”Bush” src=”” /></a><a href=””>Bush</a> by <a href=””>Jean Edward Smith</a><br/>
My rating: <a href=”″>4 of 5 stars</a><br /><br />
I started Smith’s biography of George W. Bush shortly after finishing Meacham’s “Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush.” The two compliment each other, building a picture of a priviledged New England family striking it rich in the Texas oil business and then pursuing political success. <br><br>Smith’s portrait of George W. has a few redeeming features, but only a few. In you have any interest in the Middle East, and continue to wonder how we became mired in the Iraq conflict, this biography will shed new light on the question. <br><br>Highly recommended.
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